This neon sign was originally fitted in 1937
but had to be switched off and removed
during the second world war due to the

It was not refitted until the late 1940s.
The building was then owned by the
famous wine merchants Avery's who had
purchased some of the interiors of the
ship after its last voyage in 1934 and then
scraped in 1935.
The sign had fallen into disrepair in the mid 1970s
and was then totally refurbished in about 1977.
The new AVERY'S FINE WINES was added later.
This was then removed and replaced recently
with new lettering in 2002.
Sadly this great Bristol landmark on Park St
once again fell into disrepair in the late 80's
and 90's and was left to others with insufficient
knowledge of neon. Now the new owners of
the building have been able to bring it back to
life and to the original beauty of neon

The Mauretania in Bristol UK
as it was later. The sign was recently refurbished and a new Java sign fitted undeneath which sadly is not being maintained by the restaurant
After Refurbishment in 1977
with The Avery sign.

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Recently renovated double sided swing sign